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Let's think strategically and holistically about your business and goals.

Let's go on a journey to discover WHY they should buy from you.

Then, we'll build that into your brand and collateral.

Website | Signage | Packaging | Whatever you need

Let's take your brand from bland to BOOM.

Branding is more than a getting a great logo.

It's the someone's gut feeling about a product, service, or company.

It's not what we say it is - it's what THEY say it is.

And for anyone to say anything at all, they need to recognize and remember you. That takes consistency + time + distinctiveness.

Fortunately, we understand that.
We can help.

Let's work together to build your distinctive visual brand identity and guide your strategy to build that recognition.

Logo work:

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Build your brand strategically.

Having a strategy when designing and building a brand is KEY to building long-term brand recognition, customer loyalty, and positioning your products | services to sell for a premium. It begins with an exploration of your business's goals to build a plan for success. We'll work together to build your roadmap to clarity and success - by design.


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What our clients say:

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"Working with Diana at Marcoon Creative Design has been a wonderful experience. She was able to bring my brand vision to life starting with the brainstorming concepts, creating my brand identity and … my website and online presence. She is super creative and gave me lots of options to work with while considering the needs of my business and communication of my brand message. I would highly recommend her!"

E. Simone, Bright Moon Wellness, Ottawa ON


"Working with Marcoon was a dream from the very first meeting to the final launch date. They knew exactly the look I needed to continue yet expand my brand identity through the creation of packaging for a new product. The final creations are gorgeous and eye catching. I can’t recommend Marcoon highly enough! From the instant response rate to the ease of transaction, every part of the process was handled with professionalism, creativity and marketing savvy. I can’t wait to give them my next branding project!"

L. Gardner, Moss & Grove, Portland ME

Inertian Physio Logo-01

"We have worked with Marcoon Creative on all of our branding designs from logo to signage and couldn't be happier with the finished product! Diana is an absolutely lovely person and an incredible creative mind. She didn't stop until she had it exactly the way we wanted it and offered wonderful insight throughout that we relied on heavily. She was so accommodating and helpful and we highly recommend her!"

S. Peters, Inertia Physio+, Ottawa ON

AH logo

"Top-notch work. One of the most talented people I have ever had the pleasure and honor to work with. This is the real deal here, folks. Genuine talent, integrity and depth. Thoughtful, attentive, responsive and insightful in her originality, she created an image, clean and classy. Great to brainstorm with, but I also knew I could TOTALLY trust and let her do her thing… From one artist to another, I am blown away with my beautiful new logo. It is totally me. Anyone who knows me or my work knows… Can not emphasize a positive recommendation enough! You want true talent? Work with Marcoon Creative Design."

A. Hartwell, Allison Hartwell Photography, Westchester NY

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A brief overview of our process:

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Every brand development project starts with a deep dive to understand your business goals and objectives and to understand your industry. With this information, we’ll start to create our road map for your business’s growth and success. Good design is only great when it achieves the results you need, and that's increased brand-awareness to boost your sales and drive revenue growth. THAT’S why you need great branding.

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Once we know where we’re going and who your ideal client is, we start the design process. We research, revise, and refine. We create distinctive logos, style, and key messaging and build your brand out for you - website design, print design, signage, packaging, whatever you need to succeed. Consistency is KEY.
We know that we only look good when you look great. And listen up, friends, we REALLY want to look good.

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We’ll get your branding right, memorable, and gorgeously eye-catching. But it doesn’t have to stop there, We can keep an eye on your site, your social, your search results, to know that we hit it right. We can help manage your messaging and provide website maintenance. We’ll tweak the messaging if it needs tweaking, restore you website if anything bad happens to it. Our goal is design that leads to business growth for your business and security for your website.

We don't offer set "packages" because branding is an investigative and iterative process with needs as unique as your business itself.

We DO, however, offer branding bundles tailored to your needs and budget, as well as convenient payment schedules to fit your budget. Ballpark?
Brand strategy and design projects typically start around $2000.

ALL branding projects include: 

  • A deep dive into your business to understand your mission, goals, target market, industry, and what deliverables you actually need.
  • A roadmap that's unique to your business. This will guide all future strategy.
  • Multiple thoughtful, original concepts created just for your business.
  • An easy-to-read brand guide and file usage cheat-sheet to help you know how to use the work we provide you.
  • All necessary files in all formats

Of course, that's a basic framework. What changes about your brand bundle is based upon your unique business's needs. Your needs will dictate the scope of your project.

We can help you achieve business growth with effective design.

Book a free 15-minute call to talk with a branding expert.

So, who will you be working with?

diana 1 new

Hey there. I’m Diana. I founded Marcoon Creative Design in 2015 because I have a creative compulsion to create meaningful things, and an insatiable curiosity to learn about others in order to help them succeed.

When we work together, I promise you three things:

  1. I make sure we don’t stop until you love it. I will work my hardest to understand your vision for your brand, your goals and your actual needs. I TRULY want you to grow and succeed.
    Your success is our success.
  2. I will look at the big picture first. Your business goals and messaging are key to creating truly successful, meaningful brand designs. This is where we start - and we create a strategy to get you there. I have a background in marketing, psychology, and art – a trifecta of knowledge and experience from which to draw - all helpful in understanding which direction we should take towards your successful branding.
    I will also NEVER simply buy a logo "template" and present that to you as work. When you work with Marcoon Creative Design, you're guaranteed creative concepts and original final designs that are UNIQUE TO YOU.
  3. I will ask a LOT of questions and listen deeply to your answers. These questions are important. Trust me. I'm here to build your success strategically. That starts by creating a solid foundation of understanding.
    Good design IS good business.

A wee bit of history: Prior founding Marcoon Creative Design, I co-founded Onya Baby, which manufactures and sells baby carriers of my multi-award-winning patented product design. I was with Onya Baby for 10 years and oversaw the marketing and facets of graphic design. On a shoe-string budget, I built and nurtured an active online community of over 50k fans and followers through carefully created and curated content.


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Book a free 15-minute discovery call to see how Marcoon Creative Design can help you brand your way to success.

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