Help! Do I need a PNG or JPG?


Which File Format Should You Choose?

Knowing whether to choose a JPG and PNG can be confusing when you don't understand the differences between the two types of files.

We can help make it easy for you.

When to use a JPG:

Use a JPG file when you have photographs, in particular.

If you want to load photos to your site, make sure they're saved as JPGs. In cases like this, a JG is the best option because they're what's known as a lossy file type. That means every time you edit and save your JPG, some of that file information is permanently deleted. The file size ends up smaller when you do this.

That's good when you load to a site, because it will help your site load faster.

Faster site speed times make for a better user experience - no one wants to sit and wait for a website to load! Faster site speed is also good for search engine optimization (SEO).

One important thing to remember is that each time you edit and save that JPG file, the information is permanently gone.

Over edits, the quality of that file will degrade, eventually leaving you with a horribly pixelated mess.

So, remember, you may want to save a copy of that image before you start messing around with it.

When to use a PNG:

PNGs are fantastic at rendering crisp and clear images that are text-heavy or graphic, like icons or logos.

PNGs also have the capacity to save with a transparent background, which is key when doing any branding across platforms and you want to drop your logo onto an image for sharing to social media or into a video.

One of the drawbacks of PNGs is that they are what's called lossless file type. When you save a PNG, all of the file information remains. That keeps the infinitely editable, which is great, but it also make them BIG. You can combat this large file size issue by making sure you're creating a PNG file in the right dimension you need for the context you're working in - any bigger and it may be too big.


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