What Does "Branding" Really Mean?


Branding endows a business with the power of MEANING. It's the meaning that drives customer connection.

American publishing powerhouse Steve Forbes once famously said “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.”

And while we may not love his politics (yes, we said it), here at Marcoon Creative Design, we completely agree with his views on the importance of branding!

That said, we also know many business owners don’t necessarily know what a brand is.

And that’s perfectly okay. It’s kind of a complex term to explain! But this blog will help you understand the basics.

(After all, if you don’t understand branding, why would you bother investing in it?)

Put simply — branding is about emotions.

Branding is about tapping into human emotions—and driving an emotional connection between customers and your business, products or services.

It helps your business, products or services embody some sort of personal significance or meaning to the people holding the cash—so they feel compelled to buy from you.

Branding is also about communicating value

When your products or services are stuck the “price war” zone—that is, all you are competing on is price—that’s going to be a race to the bottom for you.

If you want your consumers to intrinsically understand why they should buy from you versus another business—that is exactly where the power of effective branding and messaging come in, to communicate the value of your offerings outside of price.

Ready to connect with your clients?

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Ready to connect with your clients?

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